Wine Flights!

White Wine Flight



Red Wine Flight 

Becker Iconoclasts

Cabernet Sauvignon 13.7% ABV Hill Country, Texas

Tasting Notes: Black Grape, Acai, and Blueberries


Stephen Vincent

Merlot 13.8% ABV North Coast, California 

Tasting Notes: Bold, Plum, and Berry



Pinot Noir 14% ABV Sonoma Coast, California

Tasting Notes:  Refreshingly Clean and Vibrant



Riesling Flight 

Hogue Late Harvest
11% ABV Vintage:  2015
Origin: Columbia Valley, WA

Nose:  Apricot & Nectarine Preservers, Zesty Citrus.

Palate: Apricot blossom, Tangerine, Citrus blossom.




11.5% ABV Vintage:  2015
Origin: Columbia Valley, WA

Nose: Elderflower, Pear.

Palate: Minerality, Fresh, Bright acidity.


Leitz Dragonstone
10% ABV Vintage: 2015
Origin: Rudesheim, Germany

Nose: Citrus, Beeswax.

Palate: Lemon curd, Apple, Honeysuckle. 



Pinot Noir Flight 


Chardonnay Flight